On Sale!! - RGBitaxe Ultra v204


Latest version firmware installed. All RGBitaxe on sale now!!

New Feature with the same price! The latest release reverion of RGBitaxe Ultra v204 with fancy RGB effect integrated. There are more than 100 build-in effect to switch by using the inclued remote control. This new added feature make it more decorative.

The RGBitaxe Ultra v204 BTC desktop miner, powered by the cutting-edge BM1366 ASIC chip, is capable of approximately 500+ GH/s when overclocked or offers high efficiencies exceeding 22 W/TH.


  • All features included in Standard version
  • Premium matt black
  • Immersion gold surface processing(ENIG)
  • Suitable with TCH Bitaxe case (Comming soon this summer)
  • NEW!! Integrated RGB effect


Bitaxe is an Open-sourced solo mining project. The source file is linked below:


Style: Black Edition